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Indian Outdoor Advertising Banters that left The Nation in Splits

Indian Outdoor Advertising Banters

The funny thing about brand wars is they’re not always intended to diss each other. Brands often resort to witty banters on OOH advertising giving each other boost in visibility in the process. It’s a brilliant marketing strategy that keeps the audience guessing what would be their next move, leaving the brands involved the talk of the hyperlocal targeted area. The more the brands are with each other, the better the impact of the activity. Here’s a look at some of the finest brand wars in OOH advertising in India.


Pepsi vs Coca-cola

The two giants of soft drink brands are known for their rivalry in advertising and we’ve seen them taking a dig at each many a time on commercials. Often, the rivalry leaps out of the television screen and can be seen on the big banners on Indian streets. Here’s one of the finest examples of the age-old Pepsi vs. Coke banters taken to the streets.


Housing vs Commonfloor

Two of the finest names in the real estate industry, Housing and Commonfloor went viral with their banner banter. No ambush marketing campaign could have asked or better results. Here’s what happened when Common Floor wasted no time in gatecrashing Housing’s banner advertising about their brand revamp.

Housing did come up with a less than impressive reply but the star of the war was Asian Paints who completely owned the entire activity.

Kingfisher vs Jet

Kingfisher Airlines may have their king stuck in a sticky spot but their marketing skills are spot on. Kingfisher, similar to Common Floor totally ambushed Jet Airways’ advertising of their new brand voice.


Pantene vs Dove

A targeted advertising in the streets of Mumbai by Pantene was brutally ambushed by rival brand Dove. Here’s how matters took place. Pantene launched an OOH advertising campaign on July 23rd, 2010 saying “A mystery shampoo!! 80% of women say it’s better than anything else.” The plan was to reveal the brand just a week later. All thanks to Ogilvy and Mather India’s quick thinking, Dove sabotaged the campaign midway.


Transit media advertising in India, especially in Mumbai, is getting a facelift with taxi advertising brands like LitCabs. Here’s hoping Mumbai traffic is going to be little less painful with witty brand banters on taxi-top advertisements.

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