71% of the population of an area is exposed to OOH advertising. However, the amount of OOH advertising out there is innumerable. So how do you get inside your audience’s head amidst so much competition? – By affecting their subconscious. The human subconscious brain can process about 11 million pieces of information in one second. The conscious brain can only process just 40 pieces of data in the same period of time. Therefore, it’s pretty evident that brands aim to make the best of this incredible ability of the human mind.


Brands use subtle advertising techniques such as priming to expose the audience to stimulus, which influences a later stimulus. Using colors is one of the primary tools of priming. Therefore, most successful OOH advertising have a very well thought out color palette directed to manipulate the audience’s memory effect. Every colour has its own effect. Combinations of the right colors create a better impact. Therefore, branding is done very carefully choosing the perfect color for targeted advertising.

Burger King and McDonald’s

Let’s take the color red. The color is widely claimed to be the most appetizing in the whole spectrum. The reason behind this varies from its ability to increase heart-rate and a result kick-starting digestion to the fact that it has been overexposed to food marketing campaigns over the years. Whatever may be the reason, it’s rare to see a marketing campaign for a food brand that does not use the color. KFC, Wendy’s, Pizza Hut, Burger King and McDonald’s are some of the food industry giants who have used red for their targeted advertising. Burger King and McDonald’s have used a combination of red and yellow, which is a color that is claimed to ignite a sense of happiness in the human brain. Good food and happiness, what more could your brain need to be convinced?

Rooftop Advertising

It is to be noted here that the dominant color in this combination was red because appetite is the primary box to tick. However, yellow provides the ancillary gratification of vibrancy, happiness, and energy that can be associated with going out for grub with family or friends. The interesting thing about yellow is that its pleasant vibe makes it a marketer’s joy when it comes to combining it with other colors. A combination of yellow and black is a very interesting marketing strategy because it opens up a wide spectrum. While Yellow comes with its happy and energetic vibe, black is often associated with class and power. Such a template can be a powerful tool to register communications in the subconscious of the human brain in an outdoor situation where the attention is always fleeting. This is one of the many reasons why the latest OOH advertising mediums like Kaali Peeli Rooftop Advertising is slowly becoming widely popular among advertisers.


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