Mumbai is melange of cosmopolitan culture with people from all over the country. Bursting with the crowd from dawn to dusk, the city is an advertiser’s playground. Needless to mention, the OOH advertising mediums are quite saturated much like the city itself. Today’s marketers are trying to figure out a new form of targeted advertising in these highly fertile Mumbai streets from a business point of view. Considering various aspects such as credibility, reach, cost-effectiveness, etc, kaali peeli taxi-top advertising seems to be the wisest option today.

Targeted Marketing at Hyperlocal Routes

Mumbai’s kaali peelis hit the same route several times a day. These are the shared cabs that run from point A to B through routes that remain busy throughout the day. Spots like Dadar junction, Churchgate, Airports never have a dearth of a crowd. Now if you’re advertisement is running up and down a heavily trafficked area like Dadar, imagine the constant visibility of your brand on your hyperlocal targeted route.
Suppose you have opened a restaurant somewhere in Lower Parel. A taxi-top advertisement will travel all around the vicinity of your establishment 24/7. This means the whole office crowd of Lower Parel will now know where to go for the mid-week team lunch or Friday night dinner with colleagues.

Visibility Like No Other

No other OOH media is as prominent as kaali-peeli taxi-top advertisements. Banner ads can be ignored when it’s raining, Mumbai metro ads is limited to only the passengers. Only the B.E.S.T buses can compete with the visibility of kaali-peeli taxi top ads but they lose out on the aesthetic appeal. Back-lit panels fitted on taxi carriers that light up after sundown can’t be compared to shoddy advertising at the back of a bus. Also, taxi-top advertising is strategically placed at the human eye-level, making them subconsciously register your ad during their commute.


OOH mediums are effective but not very transparent when it comes to tracking your ads. Not with Kaali Peelis, though. This modern OOH advertising solution lets track various aspects of your ad such as distance covered and panel illumination time through GPS tracking systems. If you’re spending your money on taxi advertising with an objective to hit your desired locality, you better be updated if it’s getting done or not.

Less Moolah, More Eyeballs

Let’s face it; OOH advertising is expensive, especially in Mumbai. Advertisers are fighting for space on a banner at Bandra or Bombay Central for exorbitant rates. But for what? If the game is all about getting impressions then taxi ads can get you 5 times the impressions compared to banner ads for 1/3rd of the price.

Mumbai’s the market for all kinds of brands and you find potential customers from all parts of the country from all walks of life. If there’s one thing that’s more expensive than rent in Mumbai, it is advertising. Therefore, it’s only wise to choose the most cost-effective option.

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